Hi, I am Madison Bigham.

I am a 17yr old Photographer based out of Lubbock Texas. I started my carer back in 2015 as a 13yr old who was in LOVE with Photography. I learned to Love Photography from my grandad. At every Family Function he would bring his camera and capture what was happening. In 2015 i decided to give it a try and instantly fell in LOVE! I began at 13 offering my services for free, and doing private lessons with some of the best Photographers in town. I took my camera everywhere I went and got better, and better every day! I am proud to where I am today and thank God for blessing me with this God given talent and given me to opportunity to share my love for photography with all i encounter.

I also am in the Beauty business and love all things beauty. I am a Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics. I help women look and feel their ir best. I love showing women how to properly take good care of their skin so they can show the beauty God has gifted them. I also enjoy showing them how to rock their makeup and make their eyes pop every day with simple looks. Teaching young girls the importance of good skin care routines and how to apply makeup is one of my biggest passions! I love that Photography and Mary Kay go hand in hand!


“oh my goodness! The pictures are amazing! i LOVE them!

Thank you SO Much!!”

“I love them all so much!

Thank You Madison!!”

“I hung up my pictures today, and i printed some!!

Thank you!!”

“I absolutely love these! and they haven't even been retouched yet!! I don't think they need it!!!😍”